Welcome To HRA Duxford

We hope that you enjoy your new website. It has been specifically designed to provide current and historical information for your benefit. HRA seeks to represent the interests of the residents of the Heathfields estate, Duxford.

Latest News: Heathfield House (posted 29 Nov 17)

It has been announced that the EMG motor group has bought the Citroen Power garage and they are also enquiring about buying Heathfield House. This could be good news for the estate. We are trying to arrange a meeting with EMG and SCDC to discuss this and any outcome will be reported here.

AGM 2017

There was a good attendance at the AGM on 23rd November, including Peter Topping. The 2016 accounts and minutes were approved. The salient points of the meeting are posted here: Salient Points of HRA AGM

New HRA Website page – Historic Photos

Another new page has been added to the HRA website: Historic Photos. This page will contain old photos of the estate. If any person has any photos that they would like to include here please send them to Martin Johnston. It will provide an interesting focal point for all new and existing residents.

Change in HRA Directors

David Schneider has resigned from the HRA Board of Directors. His work on improving the estate will be missed. A welcome goes to Tina Creek, who has volunteered to become a director and will also take over as secretary of the committee. Martin Johnston will remain a director but will step down as secretary to concentrate on conveyancing work. 

Heathfield House Latest News (Oct 17)

As we all know the road adjacent to Heathfield House (ex-Iceni) has been closed since the building went into administration. My own research into this matter suggests that the road should never have been closed as it can be classed as an ‘easement’, which provides a right of way for vehicles. I have sought legal advice on this and although we have a very good case to pursue it there is very little impetus from any authority to take ownership of this and get it reopened. Attached below is the document I prepared for submission to SCDC and Saville Estate Agents. Martin Johnston (HRA Secretary).   RIGHTS OF WAY CREATION

New Website page – Residents Leaflets

A new page had been added to this website. It will contain information leaflets which are intended to be on interest and of use to residents. They will being added over the next few months (as time permits) so please be patient. Some of the leaflets we will upload include information on estate traffic, conveyancing when you buy/sell a house, making a complaint, and privacy. 

Our New HRA Sign (1 Nov 17)

The HRA sign at the entrance to the estate will soon be removed and replaced with a more updated version.The existing sign is beginning to show its age and does require a refresh. The new sign will show a plan of the estate so that visitors can check house locations.It also has our new logo and we think it is an improvement on the older one. View it below:     HRAMAP1

HRA Fees – Bank Standing Order form

If you wish to amend or start paying HRA fees via a standing order please print and complete the bank SO form here. There is another copy in the Residents leaflets page.    8 Bank standing order form