Heathfield estate was established in the 1940’s and early 1950’s by the RAF to house their married personnel. Following the sale in 1983 by the Secretary of State for Defence to the Blue Boar Property Investments Group, Heathfield houses became available for sale to private buyers. On 10th June 1983, Heathfield was formed into a private estate, originally known as Duxford Residents Association. This was later changed to Heathfields Residents Association (HRA) on 14th July 1987 to create a more unique identity for the estate. Neither the local council or district council maintain it and it is owned by the residents. With a few exceptions, all the owners of houses in Kingsway, Whitehall Gardens, Queens Row and Woburn Place are shareholders in the company. (Note, Woburn Mews is not part of HRA.) For more information take a look at the Background to Residents Association