AGM and Finance

AGM draft 2017

Next Meeting: 29th November 2018. Venue: tbc

This is our opportunity to keep you up to date with what’s being going on throughout our estate in the past year and present any future plans. It’s your opportunity to ask questions and have your say for any proposed ideas. It would be great to see you there to show your support and for us to gather as many residents’ thoughts and opinions.


AGM Minutes



The HRA AGM minutes are prepared shortly after the meeting and are formally approved and adopted at the next AGM the following year.

AGM Minutes | 2016

AGM Minutes | 2015

 AGM Minutes | 2014

 AGM Minutes | 2013

AGM Minutes Draft | 2017


HRA Accounts


 HRA Accounts 2017

HRA Accounts | 2016

HRA Accounts | 2015

HRA Accounts | 2014

HRA Accounts | 2013

HRA Accounts | 2012

HRA Accounts | 2011

HRA Accounts | 2010



AGM Forms



Below a few useful HRA AGM documents for Heathfield residents, outlining the AGM procedures and voting rights, as well as forms for nominating a director and proxy voting.


 HRA AGM Meeting Information

HRA AGM Proxy Vote


 HRA AGM Nomination form





AGM Presentations


 AGM Presentation | 2016