Team Members

Current Team

Chairman: Tim Spicer

img_0373 Tim Spicer moved onto the estate in 1986. He joined HRA in 1987 and has been a Director continuously since then, so at the time of writing this he has been on the Committee for nearly 30 years – quite a remarkable achievement. Even more notable is the fact that for many years he was the only Director on the Committee, and if it hadn’t been for his sole efforts HRA would have folded long ago, although he admits that little progress was made during this time because of this. If that wasn’t enough Tim also served on the Parish Council for 16 years! Tim has been our Chairman since 2010. During his tenure on the HRA Committee he has seen a great many changes, including the new roads, closure of exits and new estates surrounding Heathfields. Tim openly admits that he is motivated to help improve the estate in any way he can and remains dedicated as our Director, where he does an excellent job.

Secretary: Martin Johnston

Joined: September 2014

img_1645I have lived on the estate for 14 years (although my wife Amanda has lived here since the 80s) and following my early retirement in 2014 I volunteered to serve on the HRA. In 2015 I took over as the secretary. In this capacity I mainly deal with all the administrative issues such as organising the meetings and dealing with all the conveyancing queries. Volunteering as director is rewarding and interesting and I know it does make a direct difference to the estate. We have a great team, with a good mix of skills who are able to generate some very good ideas for improving the estate. I would encourage any resident to join the Association; it’s not hard work and all we ask is a small amount of your time and enthusiasm for getting things done. Why not come along to one of our meetings, meet the team and find out more about what we do.

Geoff Creek

Joined: April 2010

geoffcMy name is Geoff Creek and I’ve lived on the estate for about 12 years. I have been a director for the last 6 years and have seen many changes to the estate. I wanted to get involved and put something back into the community to help make it a nice place to live.  We meet up and discuss plans and ideas about how we can improve and secure the future of the estate.  My role within the committee is more of a practical nature and we would welcome others to join the committee for new ideas to flourish.


Darren Mullett   

Joined: April 2000

I am aimg_0001-3 resident since 2000 and along with my wife and two reasonably grown up children thoroughly enjoy living here. I work close to home and I chose to move from within the M25 zone to the estate because I didn’t like having to watch out for drunk people walking over my car every Friday night on their way home from the pub. The freedom and views we have, and in some ways the lack of facilities, appealed to me. Nothing is more than a short distance away, by foot, by bike or by car, but appreciate this can be both a positive and a negative – it’s just how you see it personally.

I chose to join the HRA in response to a particular issue I was concerned with and wanted to have a say in how it was resolved. To my surprise, I stayed on after the issue was sorted because it actually did open my eyes to the amount of work it takes to administer a site of our size and saw the opportunity to feel like I’m giving something back. In reality, this position only takes as much time as you are prepared to give it. If you volunteer to take things on then you do it because you want to, no-one is pushing you.

I’ve seen a fair few positive changes since my appointment: new roads, new houses, a path to Thriplow, less sewage trucks and quite a number of director changes, but the direction is still the same – forward. We don’t have the demographics on the estate with lots of retirees looking for things to do in their spare time, so we volunteer to step in to try to help. We take this on in addition to our normally hectic lives, and we don’t ask for thanks just a bit of patience and understanding if you do need something sorting. I can’t guarantee we will have all the answers and there may be times when we won’t be able to find an amicable solution for everything, but we will do our best.


Tina Creek

Joined December 2017

I moved to the Heathfield Estate about 17 years ago and am now a granny. I’m married to Geoff who is also a director and I’ve taken on the role as secretary, leaving Martin free to concentrate on the role of conveyancing. I work full time, but try and find time for my varied hobbies. Any comments on our estate is always welcome, positive or negative, as we all have a voice.


Past Representation:

David Schneider: 2015-17

Angela Christie Resigned October 1996

Martyn Corbet: April 2008 / April 2016

Amanda Spicer: May 2001 / April 2008

Sarah Bellabarba: June 2015 / September 2015

Colin Brown: Jan 1996 / May 2001

Brian Divine: April 2008 / March 2009

Lynn Driscoll: October 2009 / April 2016

Miles Farbridge: July 2011 / September 2014

Andrea Gallagher: Resigned December 1992

Johnathan Green: Resigned December 1991

Andrew Height: April 2008 / February 2011

Sabrina Melvin: November 2012 / July 2013

Ian Pinches: August 1991 / November 1992

Simon Reeks: March 2009 / June 2011

Colin Rochfort: February 2008 / June 2011

Colin Rothwell: April 2008 / August 2012

Nigel Sollitt: Resigned 1995

Andrew Sterecki: April 2008 / August 2009

David Wilson: April 2008 / November 2009